Work FOMO is Real!

You know the feeling when you get way too much in the buffet line?

Starting a new business can sometimes seem like you’re holding an empty plate with a large buffet right in front of you. Trying a little of everything might sound like the most enticing and logical choice. But, what about when your plate starts to get too heavy too fast? Suddenly, you’re stuck with 10 appetizers while the main course has yet to come.


So, how do you keep from overwhelming yourself before you really get started?

Have a legit mission statement.

A true-to-who-you-are mission statement can make or break your business. Write down why you are in business and what problem you aim to solve. Write it down, spread it around, put it on your website, sing it from the rooftops if you think it’ll help you and your team remember it!

Knowing what you want to accomplish, and posting it in your office is a great way to keep your projects in line with the big picture. Our mission statement is all about using branding to empower local businesses and non-profits to make positive change in their communities. With that in mind, our team knows how to stay in line with the end goal. Our mission statement keeps us in check!

20170822-IMG_3290 (1).jpg

Saying no sucks,

but you can't be everything to everyone.

When approached with opportunities that step outside our mission, our team exercises caution. Instead of dreading the “no,” we think about the “yes” we’ll be able to give to another project more suited for our business. This saves time, effort, and maybe even an awkward conversation or two.

At Silverlake, we talk about our values in every team meeting and when faced with hard choices we ask:

Does this line up with our mission?

Don’t let the fear of missing out be your downfall. There will always be opportunities to grow as long as you adhere to your decided goals, and work towards them with integrity. Stay positive, keep up the good work, and don’t give up!