'Tis the Season!

That’s right, with cold weather rolling in, it’s time to begin a serious conversation.

No, not about your Christmas wishlist - I’m talking about taxes. Wait a sec, isn’t it too early to think about tax season...


Not for our client Arkansas Asset Builders! We loved branding AAB because their mission is crazy close to our own- to empower people and take on their mission as their own, but with taxes! Not only do they educate Arkansans with limited income, but they also walk them through the whole tax process and prepare them to flourish!

This mission isn’t something to be accomplished in the short months (or weeks if you’re a procrastinator like I am!) before tax season. Let’s face it, finances can be confusing, and if you don’t have computer skills or even access to a computer, it can be even tougher.

Joyia (the owner of AAB) and her team are constantly looking for ways to educate the community—

—all so they can take ownership of their own financial future! They do this with financial literacy programs, and by encouraging individuals and families to save portions of their refunds through incentives and giveaways.

Jessica with AR Asset Builders owner, Joyia on Small Business Week 2016!

Jessica with AR Asset Builders owner, Joyia on Small Business Week 2016!

After designing their logo, Team Silverlake loved what Joyia was doing so much, our owner, Jessica, now volunteers with Arkansas Asset Builders during tax season. Bet you didn’t know she was an accounting guru in her former life, did ya?

Taxes are something we all (yes, even you!) have to deal with,

and Silverlake is proud to be the creative team of a company who uses their super tax talents to help the community thrive.


- Kate Carnahan

Flannel advocate, Cubs fan, and our fearless ringleader!