The Making of: Logo Design

It all starts on the scroll

- where the magic happens. Our manila sketching scrolls have become a signature for Silverlake designers. We take them everywhere as a little reminder to always sketch first. Something about going straight to the screen takes the fun out of your process, and it can seriously limit you creatively. (We even start our website design by sketching concepts!) 

Now most of the time our scroll sketching is

for our eyes only. But for the sake of showing you how important this first step is... Check out these professional grade doodles.

Once we collaborate with the team and nail down the strongest concepts, we bring in the big guns - the Adobe Creative Suite.


We create 2-3 solid concepts and send them for our client to make the final call! In this case, option C, the lovely unity circle, won their hearts!


Would love to hear from you other creatives out there! What is your process for creating?!