So who are you people anyway?


As you can see, we are jumping into the blogging world! We would love to use this as a tool to keep you in the loop of what’s going on at Silverlake while highlighting local non-profits and small businesses who are killing it out here in this dog eat dog world! We also hope this will be a place you can come for a good laugh, while we share our raw moments. Everyone needs those laughs that are good for the soul and to see the real life - messy and chaotic- and the fun dynamic that makes a business go round. So, be prepared to follow along as we venture through everyday life. 


we want you to know a little about what this mysterious and magical thing called Silverlake is…. To be up front, it’s just us. Regular people with skills and talents that have been developed over time and are still being perfected in the fire everyday. 

It’s Jess (Boss Lady), Drew (Marketing/Writing Ninja), and Alesha (Robin to the Batman)! 

People ask us all the time, “How in the world did you guys meet?!” and Jessica’s response is always, “God brought us together" and it really was that simple. 

Jess and Drew met at Drew’s previous job - she was the Marketing Director at Chick-fil-A at the time. Jessica had actually attended some of the events that Drew put on at Chick-fil-A with her daughter. The rest is history! 

Alesha stumbled into the picture by a friend merely saying, “Hey, if you are looking for a designer… I know someone.” We interviewed her, and she wowed us with her skills, and right there we welcomed Alesha into our family. 

The funny thing is, we are all alike- optimistic, passionate, and perfectionists in our own ways…. but we definitely have our differences. Jess is a very in the moment type of person - encouraging the team to embrace what comes while having a party all day, everyday. Drew’s the dreamer - dreams enough for you, me & your mama, but at the same, she keeps us grounded here on earth. Alesha has the happy go lucky - up for a challenge aspect that keeps the team open to trying new things in a moments notice. 


We encourage and challenge each other all in a days time. 

Stayed tuned to learn more about our team, our clients, our victories and failures, and all the other things in between. Also, we wanna know what you’re thinking and what you’re up to, so don't be a stranger!