That moment when you see your print on Modcloth's instagram

Last year we worked on a ton of spring prints for a line called Love Dove and we were beyond thrilled to see that Modcloth, a retro-inspired, major online retailer based in San Francisco, picked up a few of them! We have been working with fashion designer Gracie VonK, Love Dove founder, for over 6 years. Gracie is one of our favorite people. She's a total professional all while being super eclectic, full of life and filled with all the surprises you can imagine. Gracie started Love Dove to bring whimsical pieces to the everyday girl and the brand is loved across the boutique community, even in Hollywood… I mean, even Zooey freakin Deschanel wears Love Dove! 

Above is a look at some of our textile designs(on Gracie's amazing Love Dove silhouettes) for Modcloth! 

Silverlake has been immersed in fashion from the very beginning -

Gracie being one of our first apparel clients. This kind of project uncovers a new branch of creativity in the brain for any designer. We completely let loose and channel all of our eclectic vibes into every artwork... and we LOVE IT! Lots of love goes into these bad boys tho - this is definitely a team project. Most of the time we all pile on the floor, bring all the inspiration we have been saving up and toss around ideas for a while before we nail down a layout. Then we hit the drawing board and bring the vision to life! Once again, the process is key! We hope you take the time to gather inspiration and hit the sketch paper this week. Happy creating!