Using our powers for good!

Marketing sometimes tends to get a bad rap… You know what we're talking about- the bottom line is a dollar sign, bait and switch vibe. And, in some instances, that can be true.

But guys, we have some great news:

Marketing can be used for good and not evil! Yep. It’s true.

Let’s go back to Christmas 2010; That’s when the Colombian government geniusly decided to cover their jungle trees with lights and motion sensored recordings. When FARC guerrillas -- brutal fighters known for drug trafficking and massive terroristic attacks -- walked by, the trees lit up along with banners asking them to lay down their arms… and 331 guerrillas did! All because of a great, dare we say brilliant, marketing plan! How crazy is that?

Teamwork really DOES make the dream work.

Teamwork really DOES make the dream work.

Now, your friends at Silverlake might not be putting an end to all evil (yet),

but, we're in this for way more than just a dollar sign.

We’re intentional about offering our design-work to local businesses, start-ups, and nonprofits. Why? We have met so many incredible visionaries out there who simply lack the resources to get their message out. Our goal is to be that resource.

Everyday we pull together our talented team members to make dreams come true. It’s a calling that we take seriously! When it comes down to it, we are all on the same team (go humanity!) It just so happens that creating websites or designing business cards is our position on the field, and we love it.

We aren’t just a creative team for hire.

We are your creative team, ready to support, champion, and pursue your dreams alongside you.

Our Silverlake band photo, coming soon to a vinyl near you.

Our Silverlake band photo, coming soon to a vinyl near you.