Go Outside Today

In celebration of the first week of summer, we're launching our first ever Silverlake tees!

These shirts were made for each and everyone of you in mind. You can wear this thing on a hike, under a blazer, with some joggers or hey, just to sit around a camp fire. 

A recurring theme at Silverlake has been the whole "Go Outside Today” concept. Yes, this can literally mean go outside, but honestly, we take it a little deeper than that. We value going outside as in taking time to rest and take life in wherever you are in that moment.

To be transparent, my life has been an absolute WHIRLWIND since Silverlake was born.

But I've been blown away with how amazing and faithful our clients have been! *Gushing tears emoji* Learning to balance it all has been a rollercoaster though - wife, mom, business owner, friend, mentor, grocery shopper, car cleaner-outer, cook, chauffeur, daughter, designer, boss, you get the point - it’s a challenge to keep all the balls in the air. But even in the busy season - which I love - I still have to choose to “Go Outside Today.”  It’s so worth it to step outside the normal grind. It rests your mind and renews your perspective.

When I “Go Outside”, I walk to Maggies with my kids, watch Netflix with my husband, read an actual book and workout. 

Here’s a look at how some other people in our community “Go Outside”……

Grab one of our tees and make a little pact with yourself to take a rest, enjoy your life, count your blessings and for goodness sakes... do us all a favor and GO OUTSIDE TODAY! :)

PS - Use the promo code "fanclub" for a free Silverlake bumper sticker with your purchase!

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