A field trip to the print shop!

"So that’s how they do it." was my final thought after Brooks schooled us with a step-by-step screen printing lesson. We've invoiced, delivered and worn dozens of designs printed by our friends at Electric Ghost (EG), but seeing the whole process was pretty magical! 

In December we didn't just have a Christmas party, team Silverlake went out for a Christmas FIELD TRIP. First we stopped at EG to print our Rejected Mona Lisa tees. 

Rejected Mona lisa

n. DEFINITION.—Artwork adored by Team Silverlake yet tragically rejected by a client. This shirt is so awesome, but they want to see another option, it's going in the Rejected Mona Lisas. Example:

Original Artwork (Rejected, but no hard feelings!)

Original Artwork (Rejected, but no hard feelings!)

New Artwork (Revived Team Silverlake limited edition!)

New Artwork (Revived Team Silverlake limited edition!)

Artboard 1.png


We all squeezed into the darkroom to watch the emulsion wash away and reveal our artwork burned into the screen, boom.

(Meanwhile I'm thinking, no wonder they charge screen fees, this is no joke!) 

Sidebar—Our friend Brooks started screen printing band tees in his garage and has since expanded to a shop on Main Street where they can print hundreds of tees in one day! Thanks for taking the time to give us the grand tour Brooks, you're the best!! 


We each took turns printing our shirts- Pulling that ink across, I just hoped for the best.



After seeing all of the hard work that goes into designing and printing graphic tees, I'll never be the same.

And here's our souvenir photo—Christmas field trip: documented!

Silverlake and Electric Ghost



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