*Application deadline is closed for the summer! Check back at the end of summer for fall applications!

What is Silverlake Tribe?

Silverlake Tribe is an unique apprenticeship program that will sharpen your skills in MEDIA (photography and videography), MARKETING (social media, copywriting, content management, etc.) and DESIGN (graphics, logos, websites, brochures,  etc.).  

It will include THREE stages:

Stage 1:   4 week internship.  This is designed for people wanting to gain a little experience and skills in media, marketing, and design.  You will primarily be working with our non-profit clients.

Stage 2:   4 week apprenticeship.  This is designed for those who have gone through Stage 1 and have been selected to gain further training and experience.  Also, you start getting paid at this stage :)

Stage 3:   4 week MASTER APPRENTICESHIP.  Basically, you’ve put in the work and have improved greatly over the past 8 weeks (Stage 1 and 2).  We recognize your progress and skills, and we want to finish what we’ve started and give you the opportunity to work with our clients more in depth.   More work, more pay, more growth.  By going through Stage 3, you also set yourself up for the opportunity to become an official team member (that means paid staff).

Why should YOU join?

With most internships or apprenticeships, you are given tasks and assignments that are more associated to busy-work instead of things that contribute to the overall process of the company.  Or your internship isn’t challenging  your skills/strengths and developing you into being a better ________ (whatever you are striving to be).  

With Tribe, here’s what you will be doing:

Strength/Skills Training

As part of the apprenticeship, YOU will be part of the Silverlake team which means WE believe in YOU.  And part of believing in you is helping you utilize the strengths and skills that you have.  Some of them you may not know, and we will help you find them.  Others that are known will be trained and pushed to be the best they can be by using them at Silverlake.

Work with REAL Clients

Busy-work isn’t a thing around here.  Unless you are busy working on our clients’ content.  We want your skills to shine and truly make an impact.  Why waste your (and our) time on projects that aren’t helping you or building up the company?  Every task given will be interacting directly with our clients or their work, or you will be given tasks that are going to build up the creativity and innovation that is rooted in Silverlake.  YOU are more important than you know.

Creative Opportunities

The beauty of creativity is that it never stops.  Creativity is an endless journey but also a muscle we have to train and practice.  We don’t want you to just do the tasks that are given; we want YOU to think outside of the box on how to make Silverlake (and yourself) the best it can be.  In fancy workout terms, we want your creativity to help sculpt the body of Silverlake.  Think of us as a gym for imagination.  Membership is free of charge so go ahead and workout as much as you want.

The Extra Goodness of Apprenticeship

I know, you are wondering how can there be more goodness when it comes to Tribe.  Let me highlight them real quick:

Specific Training-  Find a job area in the company you like and we will train you for that type of role.

Mentoring-  Be taught personally by one of our team members to help you be the best person you can be, both creatively and in life.

Free Coffee-  There will be times you get free delicious food.  But you will always have free coffee because it is vitally important.

Résumé Builder-  Call us your job hunting wingman.  This will help you look REAL good.

So Now That You Want to Join...

Hook.  Line.  And sinker.  It’s hard to not want to join, am I right?  

You are probably thinking, “What then shall I do?”  Well, it’s as easy as sending us a résumé at contact@silverlakestudio.com. Summer applications and interviews are closed but check back at the end of summer for Tribe starting up in the fall.