Silverlake Creative Grant


How does it work?

Watch the video to hear more from Jessica Crum, owner at Silverlake, about how the Silverlake Creative Grant works and get a glimpse of our design work for non-profits!


Choosing to Excel | Summer Camp

Choosing to Excel | Summer Camp

Hey there Silverlake fam,

We've got something exciting and new in the works! It is our privilege to announce the Silverlake Creative Grant, a special grant for non-profits only. 

Nominate your favorite non-profit to win a Silverlake Creative Grant! One winner each quarter will receive free design work by the Silverlake creative team. Let's make a difference, one design at a time!

Say what?

We at Silverlake Design Studio have decided to do a little giving back. Starting this quarter, we plan to give free design work to one of your favorite non-profits. All you have to do is help us decide who it goes to! We want to know where you invest your heart so our team can invest our time and design in them.

Deliver Hope | Youth Mentoring

Deliver Hope | Youth Mentoring

Where’s the why?

We are incredibly thankful for all that our community and clients have done for us and recognize that supporting one another is key. While it is an honor to work with many non-profits who turn to us for help with their branding and marketing, we've seen that not every organization has the funds for a professional branding package to help increase its influence. We want to equip those who do the most good with the resources they need to successfully impact their communities and the world.



City of Hope Outreach (CoHO) | After School Program

City of Hope Outreach (CoHO) | After School Program

Wow, this is super. I want to help!

Well that’s coincidental because we want your help! Submit the name of a non-profit you think deserves and needs the grant. After we’ve narrowed down nominees, we’ll ask our clients to vote on a non-profit that continually strives to make a difference. Nominations will be accepted through September 20th, and a winner will be announced October 15th!

wanna know the best part? (Duh.)

This isn’t a one time only thing! From here on out, we will be donating design work to a different nonprofit every quarter, and you will be the deciding factor. We really appreciate your help and look forward to hearing your input! Let’s make a difference together.